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Arctic 10+

Arctic 10+

SKU: 0001

SHIPPED WORLDWIDE- The Arctic 10+ is a survival suit which protects from Hypothermia for more than 12 hours in Arctic conditions.  It provides a Personal Habitat in the water or on the Land or Ice flow with its internal Splash Tent. Certifies as an Immersion Suit.


The Arctic 10+


You can comfortably jump from a height of 10 meters, instead of 4.5 meters, safely and without compromising the integrity of the suit. Our suit also offers burn protection for 4 seconds which is significantly more than the 2 seconds currently required by law.

The suit’s design reinvents the industry and offers the first thermally protected personal life raft.


The user is able to withdraw the hands from the sleeves and attend to such needs as first aid, eating, and drinking. It allows the user to sit, stand vertically in the water, wave his arms (to call for help), and sleep in the water.


The White Glacier suit also offers heat retention through the process of convection and reflection, and by the presence of contained air. The loss of heat is therefore negligible allowing the user to survive for more than twice the time than regulation Immersion suits in open waters. Even if donned wet, the user will regain core temperature within minutes. This allows donning of the suit in the water when extreme situations do not permit donning on the vessel.