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  • Is the Arctic  10+ a Survival Suit or an Immersion suit?
    The Arctic 10+ certifies as an Immersion Suit in accordance to the US Coast Guard, MED, and Transport Canada regulations. However, the Arctic 10+ is much more, it is a Survival Suit. Not only will the A10+ protect from Hypothermia for more than 12 hours in 2 degree water, but the built in Splash Tent allows the user to free his hands in order to eat, drink, or perform first aid. Immersion suit min. requirements .75 CLO and 23 Pounds min. Buoyancy Arctic 10+ 4.87 CLO and 33 Pounds Buoyancy
  • What is a Splash Tent?
    A Splash Tent is a protective film which is released from the abdomen and behind the neck to create a Personal Habitat and protect from waves, wind and rain. The user can then free his hands to eat, drink or perform first aid. It can also be used as temperature control by controlling the amount of cold air which enters the habitat. In temperate waters, in the hot sun, the user can cool off by removing the arms from the suit and even wetting them in a controlled fashion. When it gets cold, the arms can be put back in the suit and the suit closed again staying comfortable in all environments.
  • How big is the Arctic 10+ ?
    The Arctic 10+ is soft and clothing-like. It is appropriate for using in confined enviroments like a life raft and can be removed down to the waist when temperatures require so. It has a volume of 2.33 cubic feet and folds to a relaxed package of 27 x 14 x 9 inches.
  • Is it possible to sleep in the Arctic 10+
    Yes. With the tremendous buoyancy that the suit has and the Splash tent, the subject can sleep while being protected from the wind, rain, and waves. Many have described the experience like "BEING IN A SLEEPING BAG ON A WATER BED".
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